Support from RTÜK for the ‘World Language Turkish’ campaign

In the statement made by the RTÜK, it was stated that the Supreme Council’s efforts to “promote the use of correct, beautiful and understandable Turkish on radio and televisions” are continuing with determination.

In the statement, which emphasized that new works will be added to the elaborate works carried out for the correct and beautiful use of Turkish, the indispensable guarantee of national unity and solidarity, the following statements were made:

“Our goal within the scope of the World Language Turkish campaign is to protect, develop and enrich our beautiful Turkish against the invasion of foreign concepts with the spirit of national mobilization. We want to draw the attention of the public to some points so that Turkish, one of the most rooted and distinguished languages ​​in the world, reaches its deserved place. It is necessary to prevent the common corruption seen especially in workplace names, to prevent unnecessary foreign words used in Turkish, to eliminate the sloppy Turkish used in social media, to create a deep-rooted language awareness and sensitivity in our people. In this regard, while important duties fall to the public, non-governmental organizations and families We need the sensitivity of the press and media that easily affect all segments of the society, especially our youth.

Our publishers should take maximum care to use the Turkish language properly, correctly and in accordance with the rules. We strongly urge radio and television announcers, reporters and broadcast guests to use the Turkish language correctly and carefully. “

“The number of Turkish mistakes made in publications is 4 thousand 598”

As a result of the findings obtained from about a thousand hours of scanning within the scope of the “Promotion of the Use of Correct, Beautiful and Understandable Turkish in Radio and Television Project”, it was reported that the number of Turkish errors in broadcasts was 4 thousand 598,

“In recent times, especially in television broadcasts, vital spelling mistakes have attracted attention. Although spelling errors are mostly seen in news bulletins, there are similar problems in advertisements and generation programs. Despite its Turkish equivalent, the habit of using foreign words is mostly seen in advertisements and TV series. As the regulatory broadcasting authority, we insistently demand that our broadcasters re-evaluate their radio and television broadcasts in line with the findings we have revealed.

Our Turkish is our national soul, our identity. Our Turkish is the meaning that our noble nation has accumulated in the thousand-year history, advice from our ancestors, the lullaby of our children. With the awareness that a nation whose language is destroyed will also lose its memory and identity, it is the primary duty of our publishers to carefully comply with the issues we have mentioned. As RTÜK, we want it to be known that we will be involved in all kinds of activities for World Language Turkish mobilization in 2021, with trainings, workshops and projects. The Radio and Television Supreme Council is ready to give the necessary support to all our broadcasters in this regard. We would like to express our special thanks to all of our colleagues who showed sensitivity and transmitted our Turkish to radio and television broadcasts in a beautiful and accurate way. Let’s protect our identity, let’s use our Turkish in the best way, let’s carry our culture to the future with care. “