Support for 18 new startups from PILOT

gave | Tuesday, July 13, 2021 – 12:57 | Last Updated : 13 07 2021 – 12:57

9th term initiatives in PILOT have been announced. Eighteen teams that develop qualified and original technology solutions, focused on artificial intelligence, were selected for the program. 200 thousand TL cash support will be given to each of the startups.

Support for 18 startups from PILOT. Support for 18 new ventures from Türk Telekom PİLOT. Türk Telekom Strategy, Planning and Digital Assistant General Manager Barış Karakullukçu stated that they have increased the number of startups that will participate in the program and the cash support provided in the new period, and said: “As Türk Telekom, our goal since the first day is to support entrepreneurs, strengthen the entrepreneurship ecosystem and cooperate with startups. To provide innovative products and services to our customers.With PILOT, we offer cash capital and mentor support, which are the most needed by startups. It also provides startups with the opportunity to cooperate with Türk Telekom, trainings, business connections and access to investors. As of this year, those selected among the teams participating in the PILOT program will also have the opportunity to participate in the 4-week USA program of Plug&Play.”


In the written statement made by the company on the subject, 18 teams selected for PILOT will have access to a wide mentor network, big investors and business connections of Türk Telekom during the program. The teams will also participate in various trainings during the program; office space, technology infrastructure, mobile communication package and promotional support. At the end of the program, teams to be selected from among 18 startups will participate in Plug&Play’s 4-week America program. In this way, it was said that they will have the opportunity to introduce their ideas to investors around the world and to cooperate with global companies.

The new period PILOT initiatives were announced as follows; Adnsafe, Agrovisio, Arcanor, Barty, Bluedot, Cameralyze, Co-one, Costifier, Counterfake, Earnado, AI, Feedgage, Freightest, MYTH.AI, NeSattı, Wallids and XENA-VISION. To date, PILOT graduates have provided more than 5 million TL in cash support to 73 startups, while graduate startups provided employment for 850 people and achieved a turnover of 60 million TL last year. 31 of the graduate startups received investment.