Supernova discovered 35 million light years away

According to the news on CTV, astrophysicist Dr. “It was fun to finally make a discovery.” said.

Explaining that the explosion recorded with a telescope looked like a small point of light in the distance, Janzen said it was a second type of supernova and exploded and ended the life of a massive star.

Janzen stated that the supernova 35 million light years away, which they call SN 2021gmj, is at least eight times the size of the sun.

Explaining that supernovas help astrophysicists better understand stars and galaxies, Janzen said, “Also, because supernovas are so bright that we can see them from great distances, they are important sources of distance measurements that contribute to our understanding of the evolution of the universe as a whole.” said.

Supernovas, known as star bursts that emit massive amounts of energy, are among the most studied topics by astronomy and astrophysicists.