Steve Jobs’ job application 48 years ago is up for sale

Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, is seen as one of the most important names not only for Apple, but also for the technology world. Jobs, who contributed greatly to the success of Apple, is commemorated by his fans every year after his death. The reason why Steve Jobs, who somehow found himself in the agenda of technology even years later with his contributions, came to the agenda today was an auction.


An entrepreneur has put up for auction a 1973 job application filed by Steve Jobs. However, the auction is held both in the physical environment and in the digital environment as NFT.

In other words, it is also possible to purchase an NFT filled job application for an indefinite position in an apparently obscure company.

Steve Jobs’ job application has been auctioned several times before. For example, in 2017, a job application was sold for $18,750. In 2018, the purchase price increased to 174 thousand 757 dollars. Last March, it was bought once again for 222 thousand 400 dollars. Thus, the work changed hands many times.

Now it is looking for its new owner as NFT both in the physical and digital environment.


The auction started yesterday and will run for a week. Those who wish will be able to bid for both the physical and NFT version of the work. Let’s see who will win Steve Jobs’ first job application for sale as NFT when the auction is completed, with how much bid?