Special surprises for 17 July World Emoji Day

Saturday, 17 July 2021 – 16:48 | Last Updated : 17 07 2021 – 16:48

iPhone users who want to celebrate World Emoji Day on Saturday, July 17th can decorate their Memoji with brand new customizations available in the public beta preview of iOS 15.

• Clothes: Users can customize their Memoji with more than 40 outfits and up to three color options that reflect their style, mood or season, and share with Memoji stickers that feature upper body and body language expressions.

• Multi-colored head accessories: With multi-colored head accessories, they can create memojis that represent their favorite team or a university.

• New glasses: They can choose from three new glasses with heart, star and retro shapes and change the color of the frames and lenses.

• Accessibility options: With new accessibility options, they can represent themselves with a cochlear implant, oxygen tube or soft helmet.

• Two different eye colors: Users can choose a different color for their right and left eyes.

Also iOS 15; Introducing nine new Memoji stickers, including the shaka sign, waving gesture and moment of enlightenment

iOS 15 will be available as a free software update this fall. Until then, users who want to test the software on a secondary device and immediately experience the new Memoji customization options can sign up for the public beta.