‘Space mine journey can take 6-7 years’

gave | Wednesday, April 07, 2021 – 14:32 | Last Updated: 07 04 2021 – 14:32

Making statements about space mining, Astronomy Application and Research Center Director Prof. Dr. Stating that NASA has indeed discovered a small planet, Orhan Gölbaşı said, “This small planet consists entirely of metal like nickel and platinum. Considering the world, even iron is usually extracted from the soil, and efficiency is sought. It is looked at how efficient it is. This is all metal. The value of this small planet is 70 thousand times the world economy. The world economy is now 142 trillion dollars, 70 times that of it, a very valuable little planet. But this is about 330 million kilometers away, it may take 6-7 years for us to get here, ”he said.

Stating that space mining has been on the agenda of important space agencies since the early 2000s, Istanbul Aydın University Astronomy Application and Research Center Director Prof. Dr. Orhan Gölbaşı said, “You always watch it in the press, the metals on the planet earth in our world are decreasing. Oil and precious metals are decreasing. We know that some of these will be extinct within a hundred years. For this reason, there is the idea that we can close this gap by mining space on the moon, Mars, any planet or small planet in space, ”he said. Gölbaşı emphasized that this situation is a long process, it takes 6-7 years to go to a spacecraft and bring material from there, and that the material that comes at the end of this journey is at most 50 kilograms.


Golbasi, “space studies in Turkey is not yet done. Although we have a space agency, it is still in its infancy. It has already been 2 years since it was founded. The space agency was established on December 13, 2018. There are very good scientists. One of them is a world-class scientist, Yurdanur Tulunay. Many projects are being done. But as I said, these are in their infancy. These kinds of things are not easy. After you establish the space agency, you need to make cooperation programs with other space agencies. This is the case with ours right now. “There is a project to collaborate with other space agencies within the framework of a project,” he said.


ROKETSAN in Turkey, indicating that the Golbasi Orhan our very important institutions such as ASELSAN, “are working in the space agency. There are space agencies in about 80 countries, but 13 of them are doing very important missions. All 3 are manned flights. We are not among those who fly with people. China, Russia and NASA are manned flights. The other 10 are sending spacecraft into space. We are not in a position to send spacecraft yet. We make satellites, but we cannot orbit the satellites ourselves. So we are in the third league, ”he said.

Gölbaşı, “currently is technologically impossible to make Turkey’s space mining. There’s not a situation that can go us not months. Elsewhere in the world that is currently being done at the level of research. Spend more than we come when we can get time to show it,” he found in the descriptions.


Gölbaşı completed his words as follows:

“Said the asteroid is a planet about 220 kilometers in diameter. Its value is 70 times the world economy. In other words, if we brought this into the world and processed it, it is calculated that approximately 8 billion people would have 1.3 billion dollars each. Space studies are currently very profitable. For example, NASA earns income from space studies about 20 times the money it spends. Space studies are not a lost money. You know, Mars was visited in seven months. Maybe a few kilos of something will be collected from there and a spacecraft will be sent to bring it a few years later. These are not cheap things. One departure to Marsa is a billion dollars. The arrival is a billion dollars. The piece to be brought will also be 20-30 kilos. However, if it is possible to establish a station on a small planet with this precious metal in the future, it will be a more productive issue if it is possible to bring these parts from there.