Some of the free apps target personal data

The Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698, which includes regulations on the protection of personal data, entered into force on April 7, 2016. With the decision taken after the regulation, April 7 is celebrated as “Personal Data Protection Day” every year.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Secure Computing Founder Baran Erdoğan said that special days such as Personal Data Protection Day contribute positively to users’ awareness of personal data.

Stating that the protection of personal data is the responsibility of both institutions and individuals, Erdogan said, “There are situations that can occur after you give your personal data. Malicious people can steal your information and take credit on your behalf, establish a company, or shop on your behalf if you steal your credit card information. You are in a difficult legal and commercial situation. You need to get information about how the institution to which you provide your personal data protects the data. ” He spoke in the form.

“Attention should be paid to applications that request permissions other than their intended purpose”

Stating that users should pay attention to the required permissions during the installation phase of the application, Baran Erdoğan continued his words as follows:

“For example, if a directory editing app wants access to photos and videos, and what you do is only about the directory, these special permissions should be viewed with skepticism. Most developers include an explanation of how and what data they will use when they ask for such special permissions. Also, smartphones will then turn off app permissions. If the application is found very suspicious, users should not install the application on their phones.

An app should only request permissions for the purpose for which it was designed. It may be designed for different purposes if it requires more permissions than its intended purpose. It may try to reach many data such as behavioral profiling, learning the sites visited. Some of the social media apps act this way. Some applications can collect data in the background even if you think they are not working. At this point, what the user needs to do is to question whether the permissions requested by the installed application are suitable for its purpose. “

“It is important to install protective software on mobile phones”

Secure Computing Founder Erdogan pointed out that one of the most common methods used to capture personal data is free mobile apps that download heavily but don’t make any money, “For example, someone has developed a quality photo editing app and allows it to be downloaded for free. Malicious people can buy such applications from their developer and use them for their own purposes. ” said.

Stating that with this method, malicious people can reach the phones of millions of users in one day, Erdoğan said:

“These people are making changes that will work for them in the next update of the application they buy. End users continue to use this application without suspicion. It takes a long time to build an application from scratch and spread it and attack it. There are many free applications that have become widespread, that do not make money. Malicious people are among them. It aims to acquire users’ personal data through the application by purchasing one.

They also discovered a new application in the Android system. It looks like Android settings, but when the app is installed it does something completely different in the background. This method is very common and too many people fall into this trap. There are software to protect the end user in mobile systems. Users must choose one of these software and install it. Just as antiviruses are widely used on computers, it is important to install protective software on mobile phones that will prevent threats in mobile. “

“Conscious users increase the sensitivity of companies about personal data”

Arguing that personal data is the “new currency” in the world, Baran Erdogan said, “Users have the right to apply to companies about how their personal data is processed. Companies have the obligation to respond to this according to the law. they feel too responsible. When users act consciously about their data, companies’ sensitivity to the issue increases at the same rate. ” he spoke.

Stating that there are many regulated institutions in areas such as banking and finance and that these institutions have a high level of sensitivity regarding data, Erdogan said, “In addition to these institutions, there are companies with a large number of personal data. Being conscious of our data is our responsibility as a citizen. it needs to learn to be able to make inquiries about how it stores the data. ” said.

Emphasizing that there is no system that cannot be passed technologically in the world, Erdogan said, “Nothing in the world can be 100% protected, but it is important to ensure that companies show the necessary care about data. This issue can be carried forward with the conscious approach of both the users and companies who provide the data.” used the expressions.