‘Snake worm fish’ viewed in Dardanelles

AA | Wednesday, February 24, 2021 – 16:54 | Last Updated: 24 02 2021 – 16:54

Prof. Dr. Tunçer said, “It has been one of the fish that entered our seas from the Red Sea, migrated from the Eastern Mediterranean, first to the Mediterranean, from there to the Aegean, then to the Marmara.”

Fishermen who hunted in Çanakkale by purse-seiners caught “eelworm”, which entered the literature from Portugal last year.

An interesting fish species was caught in the net of fishermen who sailed to the sea from Güzelyalı village to hunt horse mackerel.

Examining the images taken by fishermen, Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University (ÇOMÜ) Faculty of Marine Sciences and Technology, Department of Marine Biology Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Sezginer Tunçer determined that the sea creature, whose Latin name is “Ophichthus Rufus”, is “eelworm”.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Tunçer said that the Dardanelles is a biological corridor.

Snake wolf fish of Tunçer that the information that is displayed for the first time in Turkey, he continued:

“The fact that the fish was seen in the Dardanelles was very pleasing to us. Because it is reported that this fish, which is a migrant to the Red Sea, was seen in the Aegean and the Mediterranean in the previous literature. However, we could not reach the images of this fish. It is known that this fish in the last images is referred to as eels in the literature. 2020 ‘also caught 3 the coast of Portugal. according to the results of the fish samples we obtained from the literature, we have found that this fish was 595 millimeters in length. these fish for the first time in Turkey entered the literature last year, Portugal has been displayed in the Dardanelles. in terms of scientific crucial is a situation. “

Prof. Dr. Tunçer emphasized that with this determination, it was proved once again that the Dardanelles Strait is on the migration route of some migratory fish and some fish affected by climate change.

Stating that climate change affects not only the fish fauna but also the creatures living in the seas, Tunçer said, “He was one of the fish that entered our seas from the Red Sea, migrated from the Eastern Mediterranean, first to the Mediterranean, then to the Aegean and then to the Marmara. . Turkey is among the fish so we can get clear images for the first time in the sea. ” said.

They left it to the sea to continue its natural life

The captain of the boat, Erhan Çifçi, also said that after viewing the fish they caught off Güzelyalı, they left them to the sea to continue their natural life.

Çifçi said, “There is no such thing yet in Marmara. There is probably a new reproduction situation in the seas. We had caught spiny eel before. That fish was 2.5 meters tall. We saw such a fish for the first time and we were very surprised.” he spoke.