Smartphone prices will fall

gave | Monday, February 15, 2021 – 11:25 | Last Updated: 15 02 2021 – 11:25

Turkey Rahmi’s smartphone production Economists said the investment will be attracted to the site have a say in the world İncekara, what brought so much production regardless of whether he wished smartphone prices drop. Emphasizing that technology giants have accelerated their investments, Dr. İnceker, “the more young people in Turkey demand so high, Xiaomi is coming to our country because he saw it,” he said.

Xiaomi Chinese technology company, announced the first quarter of 2021 would start smartphone production in Turkey. Xiaomi is expected to provide employment for 2 thousand people in the factory to be opened in Avcılar with an investment of 30 million dollars. The factory will have an annual production capacity of 5 million smartphones.


Commenting on the investment Xiaomi Manager Turkey Usher Liu, “Xiaomi We are very proud of us from bringing to this point in our journey began family in Turkey in 2019. us on the first day, embracing, since Turkey’s number one makes smartphone brand and one of the most popular technology brands we thank the Turkish people who adopted it as one. creating added value in each region, we found our highest priority as Xiaomi it becomes a local part of the region. for this reason, due to Turkey to be the fourth country we make production very happy. one of the most valuable market for us in Turkey without interrupting our work also continued investing in our rate, we hope to move one step further each time. about 14 thousand square meters to share the excitement we feel to be our factory will start production in Turkey, I would land on the board, “he said.


Evaluating the contributions of the investment to the national economy, Economist Dr. Lecturer The Member Rahmi İncekara “Turkey has accelerated its investments. As a country with a large young population, the demand for smartphones is high. Xiaomi will make the production of smart phone factory in Avcılar in Turkey. When we look at the 2020 figures, the import of smart phones means the current account deficit for our country. The demand for smartphones is increasing day by day. Xiaomi, in the third quarter of 2020 in Turkey was the most demanding smartphone market. Young people’s interest more, the brand has accelerated its investments in Turkey Seeing this demand, “he said.


Turkey stressed that he would have to enter the high-tech Dr. Incekara said, “It will make a serious contribution to employment. They plan to hire 2 thousand people. Smart phones, which are not only assembled but also produced, will also be exported. Turkey will enter the high-tech products. With it, our country will be able to reach more markets and increase its exports. We buy the most energy and smartphones from abroad. For this reason, realization of production within the country will reduce the current account deficit. According to the statement made by the brand, the factory will be operational in the first quarter of 2021. “The more smart phones are produced, the lower their prices will be.”


other manufacturers also said that after the investment Xiaomimi increase its operations in Turkey Dr. Incekara said, “An investment of 25 million dollars came from Tecno to Pendik. Likewise, Vivo has an investment of 20 million dollars. Oppo opened a factory in Gebze. Turkey, smartphone production in attracting the investment to have a say in the world body. Hot as well as the money will provide the opportunity for more market share as well as to provide new technologies to Turkey and to ensure that both the current account deficit to close in smartphones context of our country to increase the country drawn into employment and foreign direct investment, “he said.