Sites around the world have crashed! What’s causing the access problem?

Tuesday, June 08, 2021 – 14:23 | Last Updated : 08 06 2021 – 14:23

There are no access problems on sites around the world. Spotify, Reddit, Bloomberg, CNN and Twitch users, especially Amazon and Twitter, cannot open sites and applications. So, why is Twitter not opening? Why won’t Amazon, Reddit, Bloomberg, CNN and Twitch open? Here is the reason for the access problem of news sites and social media applications…

There is a problem of access to famous internet news sites around the world. Sites such as Reddit, Bloomberg, and CNN, especially Amazon, cannot be accessed. There are problems with access not only to these, but also to some social networks.


Many news sites, including the New York Times, Financial Times, Bloomberg News, receive a similar error. Outages are also reported on Amazon. No explanation has been given yet about what the problem is, but it is thought to be a server-related problem.


The access problem, which is thought to be experienced in news sites in the first place, is also experienced for popular social media networks such as Spotify and Twitter.

The issues reported by DownDetector, the Guardian, and even HMRC websites were also affected by the outages.

Independent technology editor Andrew Griffin wrote about the cause of the website access problem. The sites crashed due to the problem in the company that provides cloud service called Fastly.

Reddit also updated its status page after the incident.