Siberia’s ‘ransomware’ warning

In the information made by EGM’s SİBERAY social media accounts, it was stated that the damage suffered by the global economy due to cyber attacks according to the cyber crime reports, and this damage reached the 13th largest economy of the world as of 2018.

In addition, it was stated that the global economic damage caused by “ransomware” called “Ransomware” was $ 11 billion in 2019, $ 20 billion in 2020, and it is expected to reach a much higher level in 2021.

It was noted that institutional structures were heavily targeted in the attacks, and it was warned that health institutions were also targeted in the Kovid-19 outbreak.

Addressing the importance of corporate and personal data security, information systems and network security, and listing protective measures, the following statements were made:

“The transmission of ransomware by e-mail obliges the systems to set certain rules and filters in order to provide e-mail security and prevent possible threats, and the data that is being worked on should be backed up. For example, external hard disk, USB, backups taken should be checked and updated frequently. Firewall updates and penetration tests should be done frequently to the systems.

People should be given frequent cyber security and data security trainings. The sender’s name, address and content should be sensitive to e-mails, SMS or links that we suspect and these contents should not be clicked. Antivirus software and firewall software should be installed on devices such as computers, tablets and phones, recommended scans should be performed, and people other than passwords should not be present. In cases where a problem is detected on the servers, the entire system should be checked by an expert team, this situation should not be delayed. End-to-end encryption method should be used between devices located at endpoints and communicating. Two-factor (SMS, voice mail, face recognition, fingerprint, etc.) authentication service should be used for user entries. By preventing access to risky web pages, people should be prevented from visiting harmful links and downloading malicious software. “