Shopping from mobile devices is expected to increase

According to the data compiled from the Ramadan Shopping Preferences Survey 2021 conducted by AA correspondent AdColony with 1160 people, the use of digital platforms started to increase in order to make the most delicious meals during the Ramadan period and to receive the best gifts for the holiday.

Turkey age of the respondents to the survey conducted in private ranged between 16 and 75, the average age range of 25 to 44.

87 percent of respondents stated that the data obtained in the survey will celebrate the month of Ramadan, Turkey bridal levels were also revealed in the era of special mobilization.

While the time spent on smartphones is increasing day by day, 48 percent of the participants state that they will spend more time on their smartphones in Ramadan compared to other times and 72 percent will use their smartphones most during the day.

The demand for mobile games is on the rise

While smartphones continue to be a source of income for brands, 76 percent of the participants stated that they will use their smartphones while shopping for Ramadan, and 66 percent will shop within the app while shopping for Ramadan.

According to the survey, mobile games become even more fun during Ramadan.

With the epidemic increasing the time spent at home, mobile games, which are “the most fun savior”, seem to continue to increase their popularity in Ramadan. 66 percent of mobile users surveyed state that they play more mobile games during Ramadan than ever before.

The increase in the use of online delivery option due to the epidemic reveals not surprising results in Ramadan. 77 percent of the participants stated that they will use home delivery options for their Ramadan shopping, while they will mostly shop for groceries (74 percent), candy (52 percent) and clothes (46 percent).

High reach of mobile advertising influences consumer behavior

77 percent of the participants stated that their cosmetic expenditures increased during Ramadan, while the most purchased cosmetics were hair care products with 59 percent, perfumes with 47 percent, and make-up and cosmetics products with 46 percent.

While home cooking, which is indispensable for eating and drinking habits in Ramadan, comes to the fore, 92 percent of the participants state that they will cook at home.

While quality and pricing are observed as the top priorities in shopping plans, half of the respondents state that product quality and product pricing are the most important factors when shopping for Ramadan.

The undeniable access of mobile advertising continues to stand out as the most important factor in consumers’ buying tendency.

78 percent of the respondents stated that they had previously made Ramadan shopping with their smartphones directly via mobile ads, and 66 percent would consider purchasing a product or service if the product is suitable for them.