Senegalese scientist named after an asteroid

Kaire, President of the Senegal Astronomy Promotion Association (ASPA), announced the news on his personal Facebook account.

Kaire, who is also the Chairman of the Board of AfricaSpace, which operates in the field of the space industry, shared, “This honor belongs to all of Senegal, except for me. Generations later, the name of Senegal will be in the minds whenever a study will be carried out on this asteroid. That’s the most important thing.” used the phrases.

The IAU named the asteroid “(35462) 1998 DW23” “Maramkaire” as a result of the efforts of Kaire in the field of space and astronomy in Senegal.

Thus, 43-year-old Kaire became the first Senegalese named to an asteroid.

The asteroid, part of the main asteroid belt orbiting the sun between the planets Mars and Jupiter, was discovered in 1998.