Self-cleaning elevator in 90 seconds against the virus

gave | Thursday, March 25, 2021 – 11:47 | Last Updated: 25 03 2021 – 11:47

In Tokat, during the pandemic period, a company developed an elevator cabin that performs disinfection using “new generation ultraviolet-c (UV-C) light technology”. Company official Zafer Gülmez stated that the elevator cabin, which was determined to provide 99.99 percent hygiene in the tests, will start mass production in a short time. “After our elevator carries the passenger, it cleans itself within 90 seconds when its door is closed,” said Gulmez.

The elevator manufacturing company operating in Tokat Organized Industrial Zone made a new study due to the coronavirus epidemic that emerged in China and spread all over the world. A year ago, the company produced an elevator cabin that enables it to be disinfected by itself using the new generation ultraviolet-c light technology. The device, which does not release odor, gas and chemicals in its environment, is designed to perform sterilization process in a short time when the elevator doors are closed. The system used was tested by BHC Biotechnology firm within Gaziosmanpaşa University Technopark. In the test, it was determined that the cabin provided 99.99 percent hygiene.


Company official Zafer Gülmez, who said that the test stages of the elevator cabin passed successfully, said, “The system we developed was created considering the human health due to the Covid-19 disease, which is common today. A disinfection system working with ultraviolet-c rays was added. We have achieved 99.99 percent destruction against bacteria and coronavirus. It was a very good result for us. Elevators are people’s communal living areas. “We will have disinfected it in some way.”

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Expressing that the elevator car is effective against bacteria and viruses in a short time, Gülmez said, “The system in our elevator is activated after the passenger lands. After the door closes and the light turns off, the car switches to rest mode. In this resting mode, the disinfection system we made is activated. It takes about 90 seconds. “Before this period expires, if the elevator is started again, then the system shuts down itself and provides protection against human health.”

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