Second dose administration of Phase-2 in domestic vaccine has been completed.

ERÜ within the Vaccine Research and Development Center (ERAG) and Good Clinical Practice and Research Center (IC I) by developed and with the Ministry of Health against coronavirus Turkey Institutes of Health Presidency (TÜSEB) of support Covidien-19 vaccine candidate Phase 1 study, 44 volunteers It was completed on 14 December. Phase-2 studies of the inactive vaccine started on February 10 on 250 volunteers. The first dose administration of the volunteers in Phase-2 was completed on 13 March, after which the second dose administration was initiated. Second dose administration in Phase-2 studies on 250 volunteers was completed today. After the results of the Phase-2 studies were reported to the Ministry of Health, it was learned that the Phase-3 phase will be initiated at the end of April.