Scientists researched! Songs sung by the fin whale …

gave | Wednesday, February 17, 2021 – 17:05 | Last Updated: 17 02 2021 – 17:05

As a result of their research, scientists have announced that the long, high and low frequency melodic sounds of the whale species, known as Finnish whales, can be used to map the ocean floors using seismic technology. The songs sung by whales can travel hundreds of miles across the ocean floor.

Scientists have revealed that Finnish whale songs actually produced seismic data that could be used to study the structure and composition of the Earth’s seabed.

“I am a seismologist and I was studying earthquakes in the Blanco Fracture Zone west of the Oregon State University,” said Václav Kuna, a geophysicist and graduate research fellow at Oregon State University. I was wondering, “he said.


Air guns are known by scientists as the preferred seismic source for ocean floor mapping. In the study, it was stated that the sounds of big bangs caused by the air gun are destructive for marine species, especially whales and dolphins who use sounds to communicate with each other and hunt for food.

“Seismic stations record all kinds of mechanical sound waves – earthquakes, ocean wave noise, ships’ engines … and also whale songs,” Kuna said in a statement. It was stated that the songs of the fin whales could not replace the air gun yet, but that could be possible with sufficient technology in the future.