Scientists of the future are raised with the support of TÜBİTAK

TÜBİTAK President Prof. Dr. Hasan Mandal, 11 February International Women and Girls Day in Science hence the AA correspondent, as the relevant organizations of the Industry and Technology Ministry, Turkey’s science, technology and innovation, said they continued their efforts to increase its global competitiveness.

Stating that they also pioneered domestic and national projects, Mandal said, “While continuing our work, we pay attention to maintain scientific excellence and support our women researchers in the field of R&D and innovation.” he spoke.

Mandal stated that, within the scope of the “Policy Principles for Increasing the Participation of Women Researchers in TÜBİTAK Processes”, which they published at the end of 2019, they observe the balance in the participation of female and male researchers in the governance mechanisms established for decision-making and project evaluation and monitoring processes.

“The ratio of supported women researchers increased”

Noting that the rate of women among those supported within the scope of TÜBİTAK’s support programs for scientists was 58 percent last year, Mandal said, “The number of women researchers who took part in projects supported in the last 5 years has increased by 3.5 percent. increase also makes us proud. ” he used his expressions.

Mandal stated that the fact that 793 of 1500 undergraduate students supported within the scope of the “Intern Researcher Scholarship Program” are women is proof of girls’ desire to turn to science and technology professions, “We will continue to increase our support to direct more girls to science and technology and to encourage them. ” said.

“Role models increased”

Scientists who participated in various competitions organized by TÜBİTAK also gave information about their own studies and gave advice to girls who wanted to turn to this field.

Koç University Molecular Biology and Genetics Department Dr. Faculty Member Elif Nur Fırat Karalar stated that her curiosity directed her towards science.

Stating that TÜBİTAK started to get more detailed information on cells when he was included in the biology Olympics during his high school period, Karalar said, “The more I learned, the more I was curious. I started asking the questions I was curious about and finding answers through experiments in the laboratory.” he spoke.

Karalar explained that when she graduated from the university in 2004, she continued her doctoral and post-doctoral studies in the USA in order to be able to specialize in different fields in molecular biology and genetics and to experience the research culture in competitive universities in the international arena.

expansions in the basic sciences in Turkey and to reverse the brain drain by encouraging policies saying that a serious potential created fret, “exchange experience at a good research group in Turkey, I gained abroad I returned to my country because I believe I can. education I received here in the US I’m at a point where I saw could implement . ” said.

Karalar emphasized that those who want to deal with science should have an open mind:

“Because of prejudices, girls may be afraid of turning to science, but nowadays role models are increasing. Having a large number of successful female scientists is a good motivation to move to this field. Girls can also easily advance in science without prejudice by determining their role models correctly.”

“The key to the future is in your hand”

Melisa Tokmak, who is a manager at the Scale AI company in Silicon Valley, said that she attaches great importance to her lessons since primary school, and that she deals with social responsibility projects and artistic activities.

with thermal water in elementary school, high school in optical physics related to the project prepared by TUBITAK with Turkey Knob voicing obtained the first place in the period when dealing with these projects, he said learned a lot.

Tokmak stated that he applied to summer schools abroad to improve his foreign language while in high school and he was accepted to the summer camp of Stanford University with a scholarship, “One of the business people I reached by e-mail took the expenses such as tickets and visa. Here I went to robotics and aviation courses and improved my English.” said.

Saying that it is accepted by many good universities in the USA, Tokmak used the following statements:

“I entered Stanford University on a scholarship. I had a very good life here. I took a computer science course. It was a very interesting field. I started working on Facebook when I graduated. Now, in Silicon Valley, to increase the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the world.” I work at a company that develops infrastructure. in the future I would like to do something in Turkey as well. “

Tokmak pointed out that his extra-curricular work during his student years was very effective in his career, and noted that this also provided him with a wide environment.

Advising young people and especially girls to trust themselves, Tokmak said, “The key to the future is in your hand. Nobody can hold you as long as you do not lose your motivation and work. There is no easy or short way in life, you have to put all your effort into success. don’t let it drop, don’t stop trying. ” said.

“Don’t doubt yourself”

Ceylan Ceylan, who is studying at MIT University in the USA, said that she participated in the TUBITAK chemistry Olympics while she was in high school and that she won 2 gold medals in the International Chemistry Olympics.

Explaining that he participated in the Olympics with the guidance of his teachers and continued in this field when he was successful, Ceylan said, “It does not matter whether it is a girl or a boy. Anyone who works, who is curious can be successful.” found the assessment.

Pointing out that those who want to turn to science should never doubt themselves, Ceylan said, “It is very important for success to work as much as necessary in an area of ​​interest. Someone who works in a department they want and loves can achieve anything. he spoke.