Scientists come together at the international congress

Scientists from Turkey and many countries, to discuss scientific progress on sustainable healthy lifestyles, will gather at the 2nd International Congress on Sustainable Livelihoods.

In a written statement from the Sustainable Living Association (SUYADER), it was reported that the congress will be held online on 19-20 March due to the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) outbreak.

At the congress, various topics from sustainable nutrition and food systems to healthy cities and environments, from local government practices to fragile groups in the pandemic and the sustainability of arts will be discussed.

Emine Aksoydan, the President of the Association, stated that one of the traditional activities of the association is to increase the awareness of the society through international congresses and reminded that the world has gone through devastating disasters in 2020.

Stating that last year’s storm, fire, flood disaster, locust invasion and the Kovid-19 outbreak are not coincidental, Aksoydan said:

“Concrete, plastic and metals produced in 2020 have outnumbered plants and animals in nature, and man became the dominant force that shaped the world, called the anthropocene age. However, when we look at this picture, we cannot say that we have done a very good job as humanity. Global wildlife has declined by 70 percent since 1970. Plastics in our seas are almost more than fish, new garbage continents have formed in the ocean, clean water resources have been contaminated with cyanide water and agricultural poisons.The use of fossil fuels, environmental pollution, uncontrolled industrial activities, greenhouse gas emissions. The dwindling scarce resources led to inequalities, deepening hunger and poverty. “

“We aim to raise awareness on sustainability”

Pointing out that all these events have brought people to an unprecedented moment in human history, Emine Aksoydan stated that if this trend cannot be reversed as soon as possible, life will be in great danger.

Aksoydan stated that SUYADER, which was established to stop this trend, called for the use of limited resources more efficiently in order to make the world more livable, and that it strives to produce information to leave a better world to future generations and turn this information into a practice of life.

Stating that sustainability issues will be discussed and solutions will be sought at the congress this year, Aksoydan continued as follows:

“We will organize it as an e-Congress with the contributions of scientists who are experts in their fields, representatives of relevant institutions and non-governmental organizations with national and international participation. -Nutrition resources, inequalities and their consequences, vulnerable groups in the pandemic, civil society studies, issues related to the sustainability of art will be discussed.

At the congress, we aim to increase awareness on sustainability and to be a part of the solution, as well as to contribute to the creation of new working areas and projects with the participation of the participants, sharing their scientific studies, practices and experiences, and cooperation between different disciplines. “

Aksoydan stated that participants who wish to have a fruit tree in SUYADER grove as a memory of the congress.

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