Russia’s Progress cargo shuttle docked at the International Space Station

According to the statement made by the US Aerospace Agency NASA, the cargo capsule called “Progress MS-16” anchored to the station at 09.27.

The unmanned capsule, which brought drinking water, food, fuel and various experimental equipment and materials to the station, was controlled remotely by the Russian cosmonaut Sergey Rizikov during the anchoring process.

Progress MS-16 was launched into space from Kazakhstan’s Baikonur Space Base on February 15.

– 6 crew members take turns on the ISS

6 crews of astronauts and cosmonauts take turns at the International Space Station, which is jointly operated by NASA and the Russian Federal Space Agency (Rocosmos), as well as the European Space Agency (ESA), the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) and the Japanese Space Research Agency (JAXA). .

Space exploration and basic science experiments are carried out at the station.