Russia fines Twitter

AA | 02 April 2021 Friday – 16:15 | Last Updated: 02 04 2021 – 16:15

A court in Moscow, the capital of Russia, fined Twitter 3.2 million rubles for administrative violation.

The case filed by the Russian Federal Information Technologies and Mass Communication Supervisory Authority (Roskomnadzor) against Twitter was heard at the Taganskiy Court in Moscow.

The court ruled that the company did not comply with the legislation due to the fact that content banned in Russia could be accessed via Twitter, and fined Twitter of 3.2 million rubles (approximately 42 thousand dollars).

With the decision taken on March 10, Roskomnadzor slowed Twitter’s speed by 50 percent on mobile devices on the grounds that suicide, obscene and drug-promoting content was not removed.