‘Rush Hour 4×4’ designed by Besici cousins ​​in Konya attracts attention

Forklift type bucket designed by cousins ​​dealing with animal husbandry in Ilgın district of Konya can work for 5 hours with 1 liter of fuel.

Emre Çayır (26) and his cousin Levent Aslan (33), who dealt with animal husbandry in the family business in the Orhaniye District of the district, decided to build a construction machine suitable for use in the facility.

The cousins, who started to work with limited resources in the workshop under their home, designed a forklift type construction machine called “Finishing 4×4”, all of which were scrap and used parts in about 4 months.

The 4-wheel drive and articulated work machine with hydraulic pump system can lift loads up to 500 kg.

The cousins, who actively use “Rush Hour 4×4” in the fattening facility, are happy to see the machines from many cities, especially the surrounding provinces, through social media.

They built a 4-wheel drive machine from scrap materials

Emre Çayır told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the design of the machine belongs to them.

Stating that they turned the work intensity into an opportunity in the winter season, Çayır said, “This construction machine made our work easier. We do not use tractors anymore, we do our work. We carry the animal feed with it. we used. ” he spoke.

“Rush Hour 4×4” has a lot of suitors

Çayır stated that the construction machine is very practical due to the forklift type, and said:

“A 4-wheel bucket with articulated steering and pump system. Because it is small, it can move easily everywhere. We used the Lombardini water engine. We reduced the speed of the vehicle, thus increasing its power. It works for 5 hours with 1 liter of fuel. It is slow but powerful, The bucket has a lifting capacity of up to 500 kilograms. These features can be further improved. The cost is around 40 thousand liras. Those who see around come and like it. There are also those who want to, but we do not think to sell it. Our first eye pain, we want to use it. “

They will come to see the machine from 5 provinces

Levent Aslan stated that the construction machine they designed exceeded their expectations.

Explaining that they have done many works with “Finishing”, Aslan said, “We invited people from Denizli, Sivas, Kayseri, Antalya and Mardin for a vehicle. They will come here and look.” said.