Richard Branson will be the first billionaire in space!

British businessman Richard Branson will personally take part in the test flight to be held today. The flight will also be broadcast live on the internet.

If everything goes as planned, the flight will start at 16:00 Turkish time in New Mexico, USA.

The “VSS Unity” vehicle, which successfully completed the first manned flight test last May, will be the first full-crewed flight test this time.

The 90-minute flight will go 90 km above the earth. This will be the company’s fourth flight into space.

If the test flight is successful, the 70-year-old Branson will also become the “first billionaire in space”.

600 people have made reservations for space tourism with Virgin Galactic company so far.

Space tickets start at $250,000.

Another important actor in the space tourism race is Jeff Bezos and his space tourism company Blue Origin.

Bezos will also make the first manned space flight on July 20 with Blue Origin.