Remarkable statements about ‘TOGG’ from the German newspaper!

In the report, it was stated that the “Revolution” project initiated by President Cemal Gürsel in 1961 could not bring a revolution to the road, and 60 years later, Gürsel’s successor, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, wanted to realize the dream of the Turkish automobile to create a revolution in the 100th anniversary of the Republic in 2023. .

PHASE Turkey’s car the TOGG which operates to produce a top manager (CEO) Gürcan Karakaş’l to doing interviews, pages, electric cars “Turkey, Tesla and Volkswagen defying” the title of an analysis on Turkey’s car gave place to the news.

The report, Turkey’s tOGGer which continues its activities to produce the car, 100 percent electric car that guarantee not go more than 500 kilometers on a single charge, and 80 percent of its charge station within half an hour charge will be the place given, it will have a car competitive prices specified.

“The electric car in question will challenge Tesla, Volkswagen and all other potential competitors,” the report said. It was said.

In the news that TOGG’s factory is under construction, the following statements were used:

“The name of the manufacturer is TOGG and its Senior Manager (CEO) Mehmet Gürcan Karakaş. He climbed the career ladder in the Bosch Group for 27 years and became the vice president of Bosch’s electric vehicles department. Now he wants to revolutionize automotive engineering. This initiative could not be more ambitious than this. Looking at it, this company will start from scratch and launch 175 thousand vehicles on a yearly basis. “

In the news, which pointed out that the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) epidemic did not affect TOGG’s plans, “Production facilities are still under construction. But even the epidemic period does not scare Karakaş. Karakaş says that in the last quarter of 2022, the first mass production vehicles will come out of the bands at the company headquarters in the Informatics Valley. ” It was said.

A smart device

In the article, it was emphasized that TOGG preferred to say “a smart device” instead of the word “automobile” for its production.

In the news of FAZ, information about Karakaş’s office was also included, “The boss himself sets a good example for everyone by wearing a blue vest and a work uniform with his name on the upper right of his chest…. The office walls behind Karakaş’s high desk, notes, hanging with whiteboards full of charts, graphs and post-it notes. ” information has been transferred.

In the news, it was also stated that TOGG conducted surveys on how people imagine mobility in the future, and based on these ideas, a protocol was signed between TOGG and the General Directorate of Meteorology regarding the “sharing of meteorological data”.

TOGGer of the associates by emphasizing that they are major players in the Turkish economy, “tOGGer the owners of Turkey’s leading economy. the government also supports TOGG. According to media reports, the government made a firm commitment to buy 30,000 vehicles. There are also advantages for big investors like TOGG. For example, tax cuts. ” It was said.

Most of the components to be produced in Turkey

In most of the components of tOGGer the car in Turkey, news was emphasized that produced “tOGGer design from Italy, thought the work of a part of America and battery cells from Germany. The battery cells are, in fact, since 2022 the supplier of Daimler Chinese Farasis come from the manufacturer’s plant in Bitterfeld. However, most of the components to be produced in Turkey. Production will start at 51 percent and will increase Turkey’s share in the post. ” expressions were used.

The report, giving place in Turkey if TOGG the only manufacturer who wants to make battery-powered vehicles, “van manufacturer Karsan was already sold to Germany, electrically operated buses; batteries are available from BMW. Erdogan recently posed for a model that can be operated without a driver. Last month, there was a news in the media about an electric tractor that will be released from the belt in Istanbul this year. Venturer Ford Otosan, a passenger wants to bring electric cars to market in Turkey. Automobile companies Chrysler, Renault, Toyota and Hyundai are already producing cars here and would probably also produce electric cars when the infrastructure of charging stations in the country was established. comment was included.

“Note the name TOGG somewhere,” at the end of the report, by Andreas Mihm, the news reporter. It was noteworthy that he used the expression.