Ready for the most dangerous missions! Renewed, Cobra II …

Cobra II 4×4 armored product family, the 15 countries involved in the Cobra family of products in Turkey and the world as a new model has been designed, developed and in 2013 Otokar added to the product range.

In accordance with the different task needs of the users, the Cobra II has been designed with a higher carrying capacity and a larger internal volume compared to the Cobra. Cobra II, which has high mobility, was presented with a modular structure for different missions just like Cobra.

Otokar reinforced its success with Cobra with Cobra II, the new member of the family. Cobra II gained the appreciation of users with its successful performance in a short time; in Turkey as well as in the export market was the preferred tool.

Continuing its research and development studies, Otokar recently developed the “mine-resistant vehicle” (MRAP) version of the modular Cobra II vehicle against current and future threats and added it to its product family.

Cobra II MRAP, a new generation mine protected vehicle, offers users high ballistic and mine protection and high transport expectations with a different mobility than this class of vehicles.

High survival in risk areas

Reflecting the 35 years of experience and know-how of Otokar in land vehicles, Cobra II MRAP provides high survivability in risky areas. It offers the crew superior protection against ballistic, mine and handmade explosive threats.

Cobra II MRAP maintains similar motion and comfort parameters with Cobra II, ensuring a safe use against these threats. Thanks to the mine shield in the base of the vehicle, superior mine protection can be offered without loss of high modular structure and serviceability.

High mobility, low silhouette

In Cobra II MRAP, there are reflections of Otokar’s experience in different terrain and climate conditions, with more than 32 thousand vehicles used in more than 35 countries.

Compared to similar mine-proof vehicles in the world, the Cobra II MRAP offers superior mobility and unmatched handling not only on stabilized roads, but also on terrain, due to its low center of gravity. Cobra II MRAP’s independent suspension system provides superior performance in the field.

The vehicle is less noticeable as it has a lower silhouette compared to its counterparts.

Cobra II MRAP has a modular design like all Otokar armored vehicles. In this way, while being a suitable platform for different missions, it offers users logistical advantages in the battlefield. Its special design, high reliability, ease of maintenance and repair and power package allow complete and rapid assembly / disassembly even under field conditions.

In addition to its modular design, its high carrying capacity and large interior volume allow the Cobra II MRAP to integrate different weapon systems and mission equipment.

The vehicle, which has the capacity to carry up to 11 personnel with different layout options, can be configured as 3 or 5 doors according to user requirements.