Rare Glass Octopus spotted in the ocean

Schmidt Ocean Institute, which conducts scientific research and exploration in the oceans, succeeded in imaging the “Glass Octopus” as a result of its 34-day research and expedition around the Phoenix Islands, a chain of coral reefs and coral reefs of Kiribati in the Pacific Ocean.

By mapping 30,000 square kilometers of the ocean floor during the expedition with the Falkor research ship, scientists captured two rare images of a nearly transparent glass octopus whose only visible features are its optic nerve, eyeballs and digestive system.

Oceanologists had previously captured limited live images of the glass octopus, but were able to learn about the glass octopus by examining samples found in the guts of ocean predators.

Scientists, who made 21 dives and 182 hours of seabed exploration with the institute’s underwater robot SuBastian, captured images of the 12-meter deep-water whale shark, which dates back millions of years, for the first time.