Ransomware gang disappeared

Saturday, July 17, 2021 – 17:41 | Last Updated : 17 07 2021 – 17:41

The websites of REvil, one of the most active ransomware hacker groups, have been shut down. The group, which is stated to be based in Russia, received a ransom of 11 million dollars in one go just last month. As ransomware attacks increased, the issue turned into a diplomatic issue between the US and Russia.

Ransomware attacks increased in 2020 and 2021. Many hacker groups around the world began to demand money by taking over companies’ systems.

REvil (Ransomware Evil – Ransomware villains), one of the most known ransomware hacker groups, was pulled from the internet in an instant. It is stated that the group consists of Russian-speaking hackers.

REvil disappeared from the meeting between US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Biden first brought up Russia-based attacks on US companies and government institutions during his meeting with Putin in Geneva last month.


Finally, the two leaders spoke on the phone on Friday. In the US statement, it was stated that Biden brought the issue back to the agenda. After the second meeting, REvil’s websites were shut down. The Russian government flatly denied any direct or indirect link to the attacks.

It is reported that US President Biden said that if the attacks continue, the source servers will be targeted. According to the BBC’s Joe Tidy, it is Washington, not Moscow, that shut down REvil.

According to Tidy’s report, which cited a hacker claiming to be a member of the group, the US targeted REvil’s websites. Hacker also said that they were under pressure from the Kremlin on the grounds that “Russia is tired of other countries crying”.


REvil, also called Sodinokibi, was also behind the attack on JBS last month, according to FBI reports.

The systems of JBS, the world’s largest meat processing company, were compromised. The company, whose operations came to a standstill, made an 11 million dollar cryptocurrency payment.

In the statement made by the White House on the subject, it was stated that Russia was believed to be at the center of the attack.


In May, the systems of Colonial Pipeline, one of the largest oil pipelines in the USA, were stopped by hackers with a ransom attack, and the company was saved from ransomware by paying 4.4 million dollars in Bitcoin.

Following this payment, it was announced in the statement made by the FBI and the Department of Justice that $ 2.3 million of the payment was successful in recovering. ntv.com.tr