Quick action is required to protect from cyber attackers

Information Technologies and Cyber ​​Security Association Chairman Yavuz Sultan Selim Yüksel pointed out the need to constantly develop updated methods against cyber attackers and said, “Criminals act proactively, so those who try to prevent crime should use and develop more creative methods. It is very important to be able to act quickly.” he spoke.

Yüksel answered the questions of AA correspondent about fraud with technological tools as part of Consumer Protection Week.

Stating that criminals are constantly active with new traps, Yüksel said, “The risk we face is being updated and renewed day by day. Keeping our doors locked is an obstacle for the thief, in cybercrime it is not possible to take only one precaution, stay static and provide protection for a long time. Criminals looking at the conjuncture, for example. The vaccine is coming, they are developing a type of vaccine-related attack and trying to protect consumers with more up-to-date information. Criminals act proactively, so those who try to prevent crime should use and develop more creative methods. It is very important to be able to act quickly. ” said.

Pointing out that attackers can copy any measure, Yüksel said:

“For example, experts recommend using shopping sites with SSL certificates. Currently, criminals buy from this certificate to different websites with stolen credit cards. This certificate does not protect you then. When the criminal sets up a mechanism on this side, it pulls you into a trap that you will feel more comfortable and professional. That is why law enforcement and lawmakers should develop methods accordingly. It is not 100% possible to be successful here, so the cooperation of universities, NGOs and the private sector is necessary. “

“The unaware individual falls into all kinds of traps”

Yüksel emphasized that the importance of media literacy has gradually increased in recent years and said, “It is necessary to understand correctly the processes in the technology platform where we spend most of our lives. Everyone from the youngest to the oldest uses social media actively. Social media is the main issue in television programs. we need to make a use and literacy. ” he spoke.

Noting that no matter how much precautions are taken, awareness will start in the individual, Yüksel said, “The unconscious individual falls into all kinds of traps. UNICEF conducted a study comparing the experimental groups in the regions using less technology with the experimental groups in the regions using the technology more. They realized that they were falling more. One needs to be literate in case of risky situations. ” found the assessment.

Regarding shopping frenzy on special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Great Friday, Yüksel said, “The most basic food here is the perception that a product will be bought for much cheaper than normal. This situation misleads and traps the consumer. It is not possible for any commodity to be 3-4 times lower than its value. When shopping, it is necessary to pay attention to this rule. ” used the expressions.

“Licensed software has a plus”

Reminding that the Ministry of Commerce is the Electronic Commerce Information System (ETBİS) for secure shopping, Yüksel said, “In order to be able to sell online, our state has established a great structure, it is necessary to be a part of it. When you enter the link, you will reach the system of the Ministry and you will see that there is a real user or company. Consumers should pay attention to these. ” said.

Noting that the high part of the spending is now made by credit card, Yüksel said:

“Most of this is done on the internet. Banks have a number of applications for safe shopping on the internet. One of them is virtual cards, you do not use your credit card information on the internet in any way, you create virtual cards, you determine the limit you want and take a risky shopping approach. Or Interbank Card. Merkezi has an application, you define your credit card there and buy a virtual card from there, you continue your shopping with it.

In other words, you isolate your card from all kinds of media that will steal your information that will risk your main money. You get fully reproducible cards with an increased limit to be turned on and off, which allows you to shop securely. There is a plus here that the software on our phone and computer is licensed. If your mobile phone is unlicensed, it means it is open to all kinds of risks. There is a 3D Security shopping model, you are shopping, an SMS is sent to your mobile phone and the shopping is completed after verifying it. If it is an unlicensed phone, they hold this SMS while it comes to your phone and forward it to another number and they can steal your information. “