Projects that will make Turkey one of the leading countries will be supported

According to the information compiled by the AA reporter, the “National Polar Science Program (2018-2022)” was prepared and put into effect by the Ministry of Industry and Technology in line with the vision of Turkey being among the leading countries with its original studies on polar sciences.

The main objectives of this program are, under the auspices of the Presidency, under the coordination of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, the organization of national voyages to the polar regions by the TÜBİTAK MAM Polar Research Institute (KARE), the implementation of the National Polar Science Program, the establishment of bilateral cooperation on polar sciences, and It was determined as the sending of Turkish scientists and the establishment of a Turkish science base in Antarctica.

TUBITAK has opened a call to determine the polar projects that can be made by participating in national science expeditions planned to be carried out by Turkey to the Arctic region or Antarctic continent in order to ensure the realization of R&D and scientific research activities related to the priority research themes determined in the program.

The call from Turkey, which is open to public and private institutions and which TÜBİTAK institutes can apply, will be open until 2 July. The upper limit of the budget will be 200 thousand lira specific to the call. Project incentive bonus up to 25 thousand lira will be given. Project durations can be up to 24 months.

Representation of Turkey is also aimed

Since the National Arctic Science Expedition (TASE) cannot be held this year due to the epidemic, only voyage-independent polar projects belonging to the Arctic region will be supported.

Projects to be supported for the Antarctic continent will be selected from among the projects that can be done with or without participating in the National Antarctic Science Expedition (TAE).

Sampling, data collection and measurement will not be made by third parties for projects that will not participate in the voyage. In projects requiring participation in the expedition, participation will only be valid for the 6th National Antarctic Science Expedition (TAE-6). Travel expenses within the scope of projects requiring participation in scientific expedition will be covered by TÜBİTAK MAM KARE.

Projects that previously did not participate in TAE flights will be given priority in the call. Project coordinators who participated in pre-TAE-6 voyages will be able to apply for the project again if they have published their projects in indexed journals.

As it is aimed to represent Turkey at a high level in the polar regions of the national research expeditions, it is expected to participate in international meetings within the scope of the projects decided to be supported, to publish in an international refereed journal and to report the results to TÜBİTAK MAM KARE.

Turkey’s national flights

Turkish scientists have been organizing national expeditions to the White Continent, known as the world’s most extreme and isolated point, since 2017. 9 people attended the first expedition in 2017 and 28 people attended the second expedition in 2018.

The 3rd National Antarctic Science Expedition in 2019 and the 4th in 2020 was held with the participation of 24 people. In addition, the documentaries “Black Box of the Planet: Antarctica” and “Antarctica Diaries: A Trip to the End of the World, 2020”, which were about the 4th expedition of Turkish scientists to decipher the “White Continent”, were also published.

The polar projects of scientists supported by TÜBİTAK up to now in the field of earth, life and marine sciences can be followed on the website of TÜBİTAK MAM KARE.