Prohibition from Zoom to Russian state-owned companies

According to the report of the Russian newspaper Kommersant, Zoom is based on RightConf, its distributor in Russia and the CIS, that Zoom has withdrawn its sales licenses for state institutions and partially state-owned enterprises in these countries.

The news, which commented that especially the education sector in Russia will be affected due to the ban, it was noted that there were concerns about the sanctions of the USA behind Zoom’s decision.

In the news, which stated that difficulties in compliance with the Russian legislation were also effective in the company’s decision, it was pointed out that it was also possible for Zoom to develop a video conference program for the public sector in Russia and the CIS.

Russian Federation’s Minister of Digital Development, Communication and Mass Communication Maksut Şadayev, in a statement made on March 24, argued that the program developed by Russia as an alternative to Zoom will be ready in 2022.