Priority products to be supported within the scope of the Technology Oriented Industry Move were determined

AA | Saturday, February 27, 2021 – 17:01 | Last Updated: 27 02 2021 – 17:01

Within the scope of the “Technology Oriented Industry Move” with medium-high and high technology level, aimed at increasing value-added production, a list of products to be supported to ensure domestic production or to increase production capacity in 7 focus sectors has been published.

The Communiqué of the Ministry of Industry and Technology on the Amendment of the Priority Product List Communiqué was published in the Official Gazette and entered into force.

Accordingly, for the value-added production increase targets in Turkey, 11th Development Plan in determining medium-high and high-tech level of the focus sectors 51 billion deficit reduction and the provision of domestic production in these areas or to be given priority to increase the production capacity of the product were determined .

Within the scope of the Technology Focused Industry Move, the sectors with medium-high and high technology levels such as “chemistry”, “pharmacy”, “medical and dental equipment manufacturing”, “computer, electronic and optical”, “electrical equipment”, “machinery” A list of 919 products and innovative fields selected from “transportation vehicles” or other sectors that are critical for the development of the sector in these 7 areas was announced in the Official Gazette.

The lists were determined by the Ministry, taking into account criteria such as foreign trade data, global competition conditions, local and global demand trend, domestic production competence and capacity, sectoral and inter-sectoral technological development.

Products can be defined at different levels as product codes, product qualities or technologies used, taking into account industry-specific dynamics.

In addition, the Ministry will make 4 calls this year under the titles of “Mobility”, “Health and Chemical Products”, “Digital Transformation” and “Structural Transformation in Production” in order to increase predictability for companies that will apply within the scope of the program.