Postponed testing of suborbital shuttle to may

US spacecraft maker and space tourism company Virgin Galactik has postponed the test flight of the under-orbit shuttle “SpaceShipTwo” to May.

According to the news on the “” website, the company reported that the test of the shuttle was postponed to fix some technical problems at the meeting with investors to announce the financial statement for the fourth quarter of 2020.

It is stated that the shuttle, called “SpaceShipTwo”, will be tested with a new engine in May.

The delay in testing the shuttle means that the company could achieve its goal of bringing the first tourists into space in 2022 at the earliest.

On the other hand, the company noted that it will complete the prototype of the third generation suborbital vehicle, which it calls “SpaceShipThree”, on 30 March, and that the tests of that vehicle are planned to be carried out in the summer together with the tests of the second generation vehicle.

The SpaceShipTwo test conducted by the company on December 12, 2020 failed due to the rocket engine not working.

Virgin Galactik aims to use the 6-person vehicle, which is fired into Low Orbit with the help of a rocket engine, on space tourism expeditions after being transported to high altitude by two aircraft carrier aircraft.