Phone number portability approached 153.4 million in Turkey

According to the AA reporter’s compilation from Information Technologies and Communication Agency data, there are 82.1 million mobile phone subscribers in the country.

While the number of number portability transactions reached 153 million 354 thousand 381 as of this month, 151 million 91 thousand 343 of them were mobile phones and 2 million 263 thousand 38 fixed telephone numbers.

In terms of periods, the number of mobile phone numbers decreased by 10.9 percent in the fourth quarter of last year compared to the previous quarter.

With the mobile number portability service, Turkcell gained 38 thousand subscribers and TT Mobile gained 6 thousand subscribers in the September-December period last year, while Vodafone lost about 44 thousand subscribers.

The number portability application on fixed lines, which started in Turkey on September 10, 2009, did not receive the expected attention. Until today, the transfer of a total of 2 million 263 thousand 38 numbers on fixed lines has been recorded.

While Türk Telekom lost 22.290 subscribers in the said period, Voip Telekomünikasyon Hizmetleri gained 16.391 subscribers.