Pars Scout, the new tool of the security forces, is also ambitious in exports

FNSS brought the Pars 6×6 and Pars 8×8 vehicles, developed within the scope of the Special Purpose Tactical Wheeled Armored Vehicle Project (ÖMTTZ), to the mass production stage, which is carried out to meet the armored land vehicle needs of the security forces.

The company prepared a video consisting of the experiences and evaluations of the experts involved in the development process of the vehicles. FNSS Business Development Department Manager Burak Sağ, in his assessment of the project, said that Pars Scout constitutes one of the important milestones of the 6×6 and 8×8 vehicle family that they started to develop in 2000.

Stating that the development process of the Pars Scout concept is parallel to the ÖMTTZ Project initiated by the Presidency of Defense Industry, Sağ emphasized that user requirements are prioritized in all vehicles developed for friendly and allied countries, especially the Turkish Armed Forces. Stating that they always act with the principle of vehicle design according to the task, Sağ said, “The requirements in the call for proposal file were analyzed in detail by the teams. Alternatives were developed to meet the needs of the reconnaissance operation vehicle in the most optimum and cost effective. it provides a serious situational awareness advantage in terms of providing wide viewing angle to the commander. said.

Stating that the Pars Scout 6×6 and 8x8s share many common features with the other Pars vehicle family, Sağ stated that the vehicle with high mobility, especially with the engine concept in the middle, provides stable driving in normal road conditions, terrain and loose ground.

Sağ also said that the vehicle has a very low risk of skidding when cornering. Sağ said, “We have no doubt that the Pars Scout 6×6 and 8×8, designed for reconnaissance operations, will successfully perform many other tasks, especially in residential area operations. We believe today that they will achieve many export successes in the international arena.” he spoke. Stating that Pars Scout stands out with its indigenous sub-systems, Sağ noted that the vehicles offer opportunities such as joint reconnaissance operations, communication without the need for internal speech equipment, and intervention to the commander when necessary, thanks to the commander and driver sitting side by side.