Paid period has begun on Twitter! Turkey price has been determined

Twitter is also joining the caravan of companies that switch to the paid subscription system. New information came about the service named ‘Blue’, which the micro blogging platform has been working on for a while. The subscription price of the subscription system in question emerged with the information on Twitter’s App Store page.

Accordingly, Blue’s fee was 2.99 dollars in the USA and 2.99 euros in European countries. The price of this feature in Turkey was announced as 30.99 TL. It will offer new features to its users using Twitter Blue. The most notable of these will be the ‘Undo tweet’ feature.

In addition, Blue subscribers will be able to undo or edit and reshare their shares within a certain period of time after sending a tweet. These users will also be offered a flood feature called ‘reading mode’. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has confirmed that they are working on the service with a statement he made in the past months.

However, Dorsey did not give details about the features that this service will offer in his statement at that time.