Orders started to come for scooters produced in vocational high school!

The electric scooter, which has been produced with the contribution of 4 fields under the consultancy of Ercan Gür, the teacher of Machine Technologies and has a range of more than 30 kilometers on a one-time charge, can reach a speed of 25 kilometers per hour.

100 orders were received from some educational institutions affiliated with the Ministry of National Education for the scooter called “MİSİM E350”. School director Musa İncekara told Anadolu Agency (AA) that electric vehicles now have an important place and they are following it.

Expressing that they want to make a contribution to electric vehicles, İncekara continued his words as follows:

“There are not many locally produced scooters in our country. We embarked on this business with our friends who are good in this field and we created a very good product. We created a product that is sporty, double shock absorber, different from its equivalents in the market. We designed and produced this product in about 1 month. The fields of information technologies, metal technologies, electrical and electronic technologies worked together and created the product. We received very good returns regarding the product and even started to receive orders immediately. We established our R&D center, and we will make more advanced levels of this product open to innovation.

“You can navigate easily and comfortably on rough terrain”

Project coordinator Ercan Gür said that they designed the electric scooter from metal parts.

Stating that the engine of the vehicle has a power of 350 watts and its battery has a power of 36 watts, Gür gave the following information:

“The mechanical parts belong entirely to our school. We could not see a scooter with double shock absorbers in our country.” Can we do it? ” We thought, the idea came out of there and then we designed something like this. If you go over a bump with other scooters, it makes the user feel a lot of jolt. “We have made an effort and we have been successful in this regard. You can travel easily and comfortably on rough terrain.”

Metal Technologies Area Chief Mehmet Kubilay Karaca stated that they took into account the static and strength calculations in the selection of the materials used.

Stating that they designed a robust and long-lasting product, Karaca said, “We created a closed section in the lower box part, that is, in the part where the driver rides and where our electronics and batteries are located. This part was passed by us with the metal students. A practical and economical product came out.” said.