Nigeria reacts to the suspension of Twitter’s activities

Olumide Akpata, President of the Nigerian Bar Association, made a statement on his Twitter account, calling for the government to withdraw the decision taken against Twitter, stating that otherwise the government will face legal action.

In a written statement made by the Socio-Economic Rights and Responsibility Project (SERAP), it was stated that the government’s suspension of Twitter’s activities in the country was not appropriate and that they would file a lawsuit against the authorities in Nigeria. “We plan to fight to keep it that way. We’ll see Nigeria in court,” the statement said. evaluation was made.

The Nigerian office of Amnesty International condemned the government’s decision, emphasizing that Twitter is a social media network widely used by Nigerians to exercise their human rights, including their right to freedom of expression and access to information.

Nigerian President Mohammad Buhari, in his Twitter account on June 1, on the young rebels who attacked public buildings in the southeast of the country, reminded the civil war that killed 1 million people in the country between 1967-1970 and said, “We, who fought in the field for 30 months, will treat them in the language they understand. ” had used the words. Twitter suspended Buhari’s account by deleting this post. Upon this incident, the Nigerian government announced that Twitter had suspended its activities in the country until further notice.