New plant species discovered in Tuz Gölü basin

A new plant species from the buttercup family was discovered in the Tuz Gölü basin in Aksaray.

The discovery, Aksaray University Biology Department Faculty Member Assoc. Dr. Seher Karaman Erkul, Assoc. Dr. Mehtap Tekşen and Gazi University Faculty Member Prof. Dr. It was built as a result of 4 years of field work by Hayri Duman in the southern regions of Lake Tuz.

Assoc. Dr. Erkul said in his statement that they have carried out many studies in Salt Lake and its surroundings, and that the area that looks barren is actually an attraction center for botanists.

Explaining that they encountered buttercup plant in a form that they had not seen in nature before during the field studies in 2017, Erkul said, “Of course, it aroused great excitement. We immediately went after the plant. As a result of the researches and detailed investigations, we came to the conclusion that the plant is a new species. “Aydoğdui”. Salt Lake is already in a very special position with its structure. Because of this feature, we named the plant ‘bitter buttercup’ in Turkish. ” he spoke.

Erkul, it reported the wedding flowers of plants that have 85 different species in Turkey. Explaining that the most important feature of the new species that differentiates it from others is “more succulent leaves”, Erkul said:

“After removing the plant, the root structure caught our attention. Normally, the buttercup plant has a single type of root. The species we found has both fringed and swollen root structure. The article about our plant was published in the” Nordic Journal of Botany “magazine this year. Aksaray, both Hasan It offers a different habitat with its mountain and Salt Lake. We have about 200 endemic plants in the city. 22 of them are only in Aksaray. “


Assoc. Dr. Tekşen emphasized that many parts of the region give life to endemic species and said, “In addition, these areas have priority in protection status. Although different researches have been made by many researchers, we are still able to discover new plants in and around Tuz Gölü.” said.

Explaining that their main purpose is to prove that the field constantly renews itself over time, Tekşen said, “Our plants feel obliged to change themselves under extreme conditions. Of course, these are the events that take place over time. Our work for our new species is on the way. We continue to work on those plants.” used the expressions.