New criteria for electronic communications operators!

AA | 01 May 2021 Saturday – 17:37 | Last Updated: 01 05 2021 – 17:37

Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Ömer Fatih Sayan stated that regulations were made for electronic communications operators to be authorized by the Information Technologies and Communication Authority (BTK).

In his post on his Twitter account, Sayan pointed out that the new regulations of the BTK were published in the Official Gazette, and noted that the technical, physical, professional competence, number of personnel and residency conditions of electronic communications operators to be authorized by the Authority were determined.

Pointing out that with the amendment of the regulation, every operator to be authorized will have to have an office of at least 50 square meters, Sayan said, “It will be required to employ at least 2 university graduates and the directors / responsible managers of foreign companies to reside in Turkey.” used the expression.

Stating that the authorization periods, which were 15 years before, can be determined as 3, 7, 15 years according to criteria such as the number of subscribers acquired by the companies and their financial size, Sayan said:

“Any direct or indirect share transfer of the companies will be subject to the permission of the Authority. It has been clearly arranged that the activities of the agents / dealers of our operators can only be directed to the sales and marketing of the services of our operators. The legal basis has been established for the transfer of the physical correspondence to the electronic environment. If the authorizations of the operators are canceled due to violation of the relevant legislation, it will be decided not to be re-authorized for a period of 3 years. Authorizations of our currently authorized companies will continue until the end of their current authorization period. time has been given. “

Stating that 450 operators authorized by BTK provide services with 810 authorizations in different service types, Sayan stated that the details of the regulation can be accessed at the address “”.