National warplane to be equipped with ASELSAN technologies

Turkish Aviation and Space Industry (TAI), which is the main contractor in the National Combat Aircraft (MMU) Development Project, continues to work on the development of aircraft intended to be included in the Turkish Air Force inventory in the 2030s.

In addition, TAI will benefit from the ecosystem in Turkey at the highest level in order to develop the systems and subsystems needed in the production process of the aircraft. ASELSAN solutions have an important place in the systems to be procured from Turkey.

ASELSAN will develop national radar, electronic warfare and electro-optic systems for aircraft. With the work to be carried out, it is aimed to develop the critical mission systems required for MMU nationally and to integrate them into the aircraft in a way to gain full operational capability at appropriate stages in the progress of the project.

For the air communication system needs of the aircraft, the National Combat Aircraft Integrated Communication Navigation Recognition Project was initiated between ASELSAN and TAI at the end of last year. In this context, it is aimed to deliver the works up to the MMU Preliminary Design Review Phase. In addition, work on the contract data request list documents has started.