NASA’s Moon photo shocked! Seen for the first time, huge UFOs…

Sunday, July 18, 2021 – 22:23 | Last Updated : 18 07 2021 – 22:23

The US Aerospace Agency (NASA) continues to work hard on Artemis, the lunar return program. If nothing goes wrong with plans, a male and female astronaut will be sent to the Moon by 2024. NASA’s plans also include the establishment of stations on the lunar surface and in its orbit. On the other hand, conspiracy theorists argue that aliens are the main reason why NASA wants to return to the Moon after many years. Huge UFOs, up to kilometers in size, were recently spotted in a Moon photo. The photo in question was brought up by Scott C. Waring and caused controversy. Here are the details…

Aliens and UFOs have been on the agenda in recent weeks. The statements of the authorized names and the increasing UFO reports were widely discussed. Now, a claim has been made that further fueled the debate. Famous conspiracy theorist Scott C. Waring said that NASA found UFOs in the Moon photo.

Waring said in a statement that the original photo was in green, but when he added light to the photo, three UFOs were seen passing in front of the Moon. Waring stated that the length of the UFOs is almost 2-3 km.

The famous conspiracy theorist said in a statement, “NASA is trying to hide something from us. When I added light to the photo, the truth came out. NASA adds filters to the photos with the system it developed and covers up the facts. In fact, NASA is aware of the fleets visiting the Solar System and does not share it with the public.”

This new claim of Scott C. Waring made a lot of noise on the internet and many people commented on the claim. While some people disagreed with Waring’s claim, others said it was true. A group of UFO hunters said that for a long time aliens had been watching humanity. However, he claimed that the authorities have not been able to hide the alien truth lately and that they will reveal the truth in the near future. (Morning)