NASA releases close-up photos of Mars

AA | Saturday, February 20, 2021 – 14:53 | Last Updated: 20 02 2021 – 14:53

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In the photographs released to the public by NASA, there was also a frame showing the landing moment of the exploration vehicle named “Perseverance” and showing the surface of the planet very clearly.

While the structure of the area where the discovery vehicle landed draws attention in other published frames, NASA officials said the images in question “This is something we have not seen before.” defined in words.

It was recorded that the equipment of “Perseverance”, which was stated to have 25 cameras and 2 microphones, was activated just before the landing.

NASA’s one-ton Rover-type spacecraft “Perseverance” landed smoothly at Mars’ Jezero Crater at 15.55 east American local time on Thursday, after about 7 months of travel.

Two US spacecraft named “InSight” and “Curiosity” are still operating on the Red Planet. NASA’s long-term goal is to reach the capacity to send a manned spacecraft to Mars in the 2030s.