NASA chooses SpaceX to build the capsule that will land the astronauts on the Moon

AA | Saturday, April 17, 2021 – 18:01 | Last Updated: 17 04 2021 – 18:01

SpaceX’s $ 2.9 billion landing system will enable 2 astronauts to safely land on the Moon as part of the “Artemis” program.

The US Aerospace Agency (NASA) announced that it has chosen SpaceX for the construction of the landing capsule of astronauts who will go to the Moon within the framework of the program “Artemis”.

In the statement made by NASA, it was reminded that the agency was preparing to send an astronaut to the Moon as part of the “Artemis” program.

In the statement that SpaceX company was chosen for the construction of the vehicle that will safely land 2 astronauts on the moon, it was noted that the contract amount of the landing system project was $ 2.9 billion.

In the statement, it was stated that the landing pod, named Starship, was designed for travel to the Moon, Mars and other destinations, and aimed to transform into a fully reusable launch and landing system.

NASA plans to send a male and a female astronaut to the surface of the Moon by 2024, as part of the exploration mission called “Artemis”, the Greek Moon goddess.

Following the manned expeditions planned to last until 2028, it is aimed to establish a space station in lunar orbit and to organize manned expeditions to Mars by using it as a step.