Mystery of gamma-ray bursts coming to Earth solved

The source of the mysterious gamma-ray bursts coming to Earth, which has been in the lens of the scientific world for some time, has finally been found.

Astronomers cited an object known as PSR J2039-5617 as the source of the explosion, according to the report in The Independent.

According to the same report, scientists came to the conclusion that the object in question was part of a binary system.

Having determined with certainty that the celestial body rotates about 377 times per second, scientists concluded that this was the source of gamma-ray bursts reaching our planet.

The scientific world thought that this celestial body, known since 2014, could be a neutron star orbiting another smaller star.

However, this thesis was never proven by the scientific community until today.

After the study of scientists at the University of Manchester, it was proven that the object in question was a neutron star.