Mutation: Scientific Committee member Prof. Thesis, Turkey has announced that out of a specific variant of the coronavirus

Ministry of Health Scientific Committee member Prof. Contact Hasan directly TurkeyHe said that specific coronavirus variants were detected.

Prof. “We also know that there are mutations peculiar to our country, but we do not know how the variants in our country will affect them,” Tezer said.

Speaking to DHA, Tezer added that as a result of the studies, the characteristics of these mutations will be identified and explained “in the near future”.

The emergence of new variants is not unexpected. All viruses mutate while replicating themselves in order to spread and reproduce.

Most of these changes do not contain major differences. Some even make it difficult for the virus to survive. But some mutations can make the virus more contagious and dangerous.

The variant emerging in the UK causes the virus to spread faster, while the variant in South Africa slightly reduces the effectiveness of some vaccines.

Second half of February warning

Prof. Thesis fails to stop the growth of mutated virus in Turkey warns of more different mutations can occur in:

“This virus mutates 1-2 times every month. Therefore, protective measures need to be applied more strictly at this time so that I can see ahead. Every time the virus replicates, different mutations can occur. Each country may have a different mutation, genetic map.

“We are not fully affected at the moment, but it does not mean that we will not be affected. The data show that this can happen after mid-February. Therefore, the measures to be taken during this period will be important in preventing this.”

Thesis at the end of April mutated virus in the UK is expected to be the predominant type in Europe and Turkey also he said that the virus mutated around 400 cases have been detected so far announced.

Head of the UK Genetic Monitoring Program Prof. Sharon Peacock also told the BBC that this mutation would most likely spread around the world.

Prof. Thesis as a parallel rise in the number of cases in Europe, Turkey has experienced an increase and warned that “our country is increasing and their mutated virus is spreading more easily,” he said.

Speaking to DHA two days ago, Scientific Committee Member Prof. Serap Simsek Yavuz said of the UK variant of the measures can be increased in case of raids in Turkey.

This mutation is thought to be behind the increase in coronavirus cases that started in December and peaked in January in the UK.

Schools were closed in England at the beginning of January due to the limit of hospital capacity.

The government has announced a series of measures to restrict new cases, such as staying in hotels for 10 days by people from high-risk countries and paying the hotel costs themselves.

Experts state that vaccines are highly effective against new variants, but vaccines will be modified quickly if needed.

Mutation: Scientific Committee member Prof.  Thesis, Turkey has announced that out of a specific variant of the coronavirus