Mummies of 18 kings and 4 queens will be transported in Egypt

Egypt is preparing to parade 22 mummies today for the first time in its history in the evening.

In the news in Ahbar al-Yevm, one of the Egyptian state newspapers, 18 kings, including King Ramses II, and 4 of the queen mummies, were exhibited at the Egyptian Museum of Egyptian Civilization in the city of Fustat. It is stated that it will move to the center with vehicles decorated in ancient Egyptian style.

It was stated in the news that the cortege will be held between 18.00 and 20.30, while the crossing route will be completely closed to vehicle and pedestrian traffic between 12.00 and 21.00.

In the news of El-Mısri el-Yevm newspaper, it was stated that the cortege will be followed by approximately 400 channels, half of which are international, and that many stars such as Muna Zeki, Ahmed Hilmi and Hüseyin Fehmi will also take part in the ceremony.

While the tag on the transport of mummies on Twitter attracted great attention, a countdown was started on local channels, especially on state television channels.

Ahmed Ganim, Chairman of the Egyptian Civilization National Museum, stated earlier that this was the first cortege to gather kings together in Egyptian history.

According to the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism, the mummies in question were discovered in two groups in a region in southern Egypt in 1871 and 1898.

The mummies to be moved are dated around BC. Between 1580 and BC. It dates back to the period of the Pharaohs dynasty who ruled in Egypt in 1085.