Most talked about Elon Musk

Media monitoring agency Ajans Press examined the numbers of news reflected in the press about the richest people in the world. According to the information compiled from the digital press archive, it has been determined that 2 thousand 196 news about Jeff Bezos have been reflected in the press since last year.
While Elon Musk settled in the second place among billionaires with 182.2 billion dollars, it was the subject of 3 thousand 963 news in the press. Musk came to the fore with the ‘Tesla’ brand, which designs electric vehicles. In the third place, while the French businessman Bernard Arnault settled, it was recorded that it was 157.7 billion dollars. Can not find too much space on Turkey’s agenda took place in just 335 Arnault news media. With Bill Gates in fourth place, it was the subject of only 100 news. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg ranked fifth, while it was observed to be $ 95.7 billion. The number of Zuckerberg’s press take place in Turkey in 15 months was 712 thousand.