More than doubled! In European countries…

According to the news that CNN bases on the European Union Cyber ​​Security Agency (ENISA), 304 organized cyber attacks targeting critical sectors were detected in the continent in 2020.

Attacks more than doubled from 2019, when 146 attacks were detected.

Hackers attacked vital services during the epidemic. During the period in question, there was a 47 percent increase in cyber attacks against the networks of hospitals and other health institutions fighting the epidemic on the front line.

Apostolos Malatras, Team Leader of the ENISA Information and Information Group, said: “The pandemic has required many services to be provided online. Security has been put in the background due to the urgency of the transition process.” made its assessment.

The cost of ransom attacks has more than doubled

Experts pointed out that cyber attacks with malicious ransomware have become widespread. According to the report of the British cyber security firm Sophos, while the cost of attacks with malicious ransomware to companies and institutions was around $761,000 in 2020, this figure increased to approximately $1 million 850 thousand in the first 5 months of 2021.