More than 3 thousand investment incentive certificates were issued

With the 3,124 investment incentive certificate issued by the Ministry in January, February and March in the energy, services, manufacturing, mining and agriculture sectors, it was envisaged that 83,162 people would be employed.

Of the incentive certificates prepared in the first quarter of the year, 3,11 were issued for domestic and 113 for foreign capital. With the documents given for the domestic capital, a fixed investment of 46 billion 112 million lira was planned, and it was aimed to employ 78 thousand 7 people.

During this period, a fixed investment of 4 billion 140 million lira and the employment of 5 thousand 155 people were envisaged with the documents given for foreign capital.

The Ministry issued an investment incentive certificate in 3 support classes, including regional, general and strategic investment areas. While 1859 incentive certificates were given in the regional support class, it was planned to make a fixed investment of 34 billion 140 million TL and to employ 66 thousand 484 people.

In the general support class, while 1261 investment incentive certificates were issued, an investment of 15 billion 666 million TL and the employment of 16 thousand 167 people were targeted.

In the field of strategic investments, it was envisaged to make a fixed investment of 444 million TL and employ 511 people with 4 incentive certificates given only to domestic capital.

Documented sectors

The Ministry issued incentive certificates mostly in the field of manufacturing sector. During this period, while 2 thousand 328 documents were prepared in the field in question, a fixed investment of 37 billion 393 million TL and the employment of 68 thousand 421 people were set with them.

325 incentive certificates were given for a fixed investment of 6 billion 596 million TL in the service sector, which ranked second, and employment of 9 thousand 459 people was targeted.

The energy sector followed the services sector with a fixed investment of 2 billion 701 million TL. While 155 investment incentive certificates were issued in this field, employment of 1025 people was planned.

In the mining sector, 71 documents with a fixed investment amount of 2 billion 223 million liras were given and it was envisaged to provide employment for 1997 people.

During the period in question, 245 documents with a fixed investment amount of 1 billion 340 million TL were prepared for the agricultural sector, and these projects targeted employment for 2 thousand 260 people.