Moments of history! 470 million km journey ended, landing on Mars

Thursday, February 18, 2021 – 22:54 | Last Updated: 18 02 2021 – 22:54

The spacecraft Perseverance (Perseverance), sent to Mars by the American Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in July 2020, is about to complete its seven-month journey … Perseverance, the most advanced vehicle ever sent to another planet, is to land at Jezero Crater. descends for. A traveling vehicle and a small helicopter will provide an opportunity to answer the famous question that needs an answer: Was there life on another planet?

According to the details in the news of the BBC Turkish, the vehicle will also bring rock fragments when it returns to Earth in the 2030s. During his stay on the Red Planet, he will search for traces of past life.

Speaking to the BBC, Jennifer Trosper, project manager, said Perseverance had maneuverability prior to entry into the atmosphere, but she “thought it wouldn’t be necessary”.

The signal obtained from the vehicle indicates that the entrance to the atmosphere will take place at 23.48 on Thursday. If all goes well, the robot’s first signal that the landing was successful is calculated to reach Earth 7 minutes after landing.

Due to the 190 million kilometers distance between Earth and Mars, the time it takes for any communication to arrive is roughly 11 minutes. So if something goes wrong, the control center on Earth will not have time to intervene.