Minister Varank: We are always supporter of our students with TÜBİTAK

The Regeneron ISEF Science and Engineering Competition, organized by the association “Society for Science & the Public” with many institutional and academic sponsors, is the “world’s largest science competition” held at high school level in various cities of the USA.

Among the 19 students who are the owners of 14 projects selected to represent Turkey to participate in the Regeneron ISEF Science and Engineering Competition, which is held with the participation of more than 1800 students with more than 1100 projects from more than 80 countries every year, 7 students who are the owners of 6 projects, 9 students from 7 projects won the Regeneron ISEF grand prize.

Stating that they have always supported students with TÜBİTAK, Varank, in his post on his Twitter account, said, “Our students who participated in the ISEF Science and Engineering Competition, the world’s largest project competition at high school level, and achieved a historic success by winning 13 awards with 10 projects. congratulations.” used the expressions.

Projects are evaluated in 4 stages

The competition in question was held in a virtual environment this year due to the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) epidemic, and as a result of the jury evaluations made by video conferencing, special awards given by various national and international institutions / organizations and Regeneron ISEF grand awards found their owners.

The projects participating in the competition go through 4 stages in the High School Students Research Projects Competition, which has been organized by TÜBİTAK for 52 years, including pre-evaluation, regional evaluation, final evaluation, and determination of those who will participate in international project competitions.

Award-winning projects

In the competition, “Electro-mechanical solution proposal to reduce the loss of life in cars hitting trucks from behind”, “Selective limb assembly robotic foot (SUMRA),” Three-dimensional bioprinter meerschaum, egg shell, gelatin biocomposite and artificial bone tissue production with stem cells “projects are both large. and was awarded a special award.

In addition, “The production of batteries by recycling waste lithium-ion batteries”, “The synthesis and bonding capacity of B4C / RHDPE microcomposite can be used in 3D printers as an alternative filament”, “Three-dimensional infrared imaging system with the help of optical elements”, “Safranin O and crystal Students who developed the “adsorption of violet dyestuffs with Pyracantha Coccinea biomass” project won the grand prize.

Students, “A dynamic definitive algorithm proposal for crossing number of graphs”, “A new approach to brain tumor segmentation with deep learning”, “High efficiency multijunction silicon photovoltaic cell construction and ‘Green synthesis’ in photovoltaic cells made by generating graphene quantum dots. use “projects were awarded a special award.